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Conservation of a rare or endangered plant first begins with the identification of the plant Paintbrushand its habitat. Many of the rare and endangered plants have certain habitat restrictions that only allow them to grow in a very narrow set of conditions. Some will only grow on the perimeter of wetlands, in the sagebrush steppe, or in soil that is high in calcium.

There are two main reasons why these plants are becoming rare or endangered. The first is habitat loss or fragmentation. Since these plants require a very specific set of conditions to survive, any type of disturbance to the habitat will be detrimental to the plant. The second is invasion of exotic species. In the United States we have numerous plants that were introduced from other countries. Some of these plants are thriving and spreading at an alarming rate. They are spreading into habitats where rare and endangered plants occur and are out competing them for resources.

Many of our clients at Ranch Resources are interested in protecting these plants if they occur on their property. Once a population has been discovered a plan is implemented to help protect and propagate the plant.

In August 2013 a rare plant species, Annual Indian Paintbrush, was found on one of our clients properties in Southwest Montana. This plant only occurs around permanent wetland habitats. It will not grow anywhere else. The population was very small and included around 15 individuals. This population also occurs adjacent to a frequently traveled ranch road, and cattle are grazed in the area occasionally.

A call to action was required to conserve the remaining plants from eventually going extinct in the area. A management plan was written and will be implemented in 2014. We will work with the landowner and create new grazing practices in the area, educate the ranch staff on the plant identification, and help propagate the plant to other wetland sites.

We here at Ranch Resources strive to offer very comprehensive management strategies for an array of practices and goals that few others do.

Thoughts on "Conservation of Rare and Endangered Species"

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