Hunting Management

Every fall we are responsible for managing the hunting on numerous ranches for our clients. What enables us to do this successfully is having a multifaceted system that is not only efficient but effective. For ranches that choose to allow public hunting we first survey the wildlife populations and collaborate with the landowner so we understand what they would like to allow. If one of the objectives is to control the whitetail deer population, we have found that low frequency high intensity hunting is the most effective. On one ranch where we have implemented this program, we allow public hunting by reservation two evenings a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays. We have several established, elevated hunting   stand locations and shooting lanes for safety. We also require that the hunters stay on stand until after legal shooting light so as to not interfere with other hunter’s success. By limiting the hunting to only two days per week, the deer are not driven off by hunting pressure, and ranch employees are able to carry out their regular duties the rest of the week. By allowing up to ten hunters per hunting day on the 1000 acre property we can effectively and safely harvest our established quota. We have been able to consistently harvest 150 whitetail deer during the five week general rifle season with 100 hunter days over a ten day hunting period. Project Leads: Les Gilman, Logan Miller

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