Live Video

Whether you are an absentee landowner, or live on your ranch year round, we can connect you to your property 24/7 by setting up live feed video cameras. For several of our clients we have installed powerful PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras that feed live video to them  anywhere in the world with an internet connection. These cameras are user controlled, equipped with a 20x optical zoom lens, producing 1080HD quality video, making them the perfect tool for remote viewing . Video can be viewed and controlled on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The cameras serve multiple purposes and can be used in security applications while also viewing wildlife and scenery. See our Pan, Tilt, Zoom post to read about an offsite solar powered camera we put together for one client. We have the experience and expertise to find a technology solution for the landowner looking for a unique way to stay connected to their property.

Project Lead: Logan Miller

Below is a compilation of video clips that were taken using two different PTZ cameras on one client’s property in the fall of 2014. The cameras were being controlled from a remote location on a computer.

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