Trail Cameras

Trail Camera Pelican American White Pelicans

For a majority of our clients one of the primary enjoyments in owning their property are seeing  the resident and migratory wildlife. For some landowners we have put in trail camera networks to capture still images of wildlife. These cameras are motion controlled, meaning that they capture images when an animal moves in front of the camera.

Trail Camera Elk Elk

We have utilized cameras that require the memory cards to be manually switched out and the pictures sorted through, and we have also setup and maintained camera systems that use a 900mhz radio signal to send the photos back to a centralized location where they are then automatically uploaded to a private website for the owner to view.

Buckeye Buckeye

Photos are automatically uploaded on the hour and categorized by the camera’s location. We have had great success capturing images, from rare and endangered species of waterfowl to trophy quality big game animals to rare predators. Trail cameras are an excellent tool for any landowner interested in the wildlife that utilizes their property. Depending on landowner’s interests and goals the images can also help lend a perspective when developing management plans for land use.

Project Lead: Logan Miller


Trail Camera Deer

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