Habitat Enhancement and Revegetation

Newly Planted Cottonwoods Newly Planted Cottonwoods

Ranch Resources has the expertise to design and implement habitat restoration and native plant revegetation projects to enhance the natural resource values of our clients’ properties. We can begin the process by conducting site assessments to evaluate the health of natural vegetation communities and identify opportunities for habitat enhancements.Often this work is undertaken to address degradation resulting from historic land uses, to halt erosion and pre-empt the establishment of weeds on disturbed ground, to create and expand natural habitats for resident wildlife, or simply to enhance the aesthetic values of the property.

Contract Planting Contract Planting


A recent example of this work is an ongoing effort to restore native cottonwood forests and riparian vegetation on a large ranch here in the Ruby Valley of SW Montana. This multi-year project has included the establishment of over 55 acres of reforestation plots with more than 10,000 plants installed over the last two years. This project has included the collection of seed from local native plants, custom plant propagation, plot fencing and planting layout design, management and oversight of contractors and planting crews, maintenance and irrigation of the plantings, establishment monitoring and reporting. The purpose of this project is to address the decline of cottonwood forests throughout the valley and to increase the diversity of floodplain and riparian habitats for the benefit of wildlife on the ranch. Project lead: Dave McAdoo


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