Noxious Weed And Pest Management


Ruby valley Noxious Weed Control

Noxious weeds can have significant ecological and economic impacts on ranch properties by displacing desirable species. If allowed to become dominant, they often increase soil erosion, decrease wildlife habitat, and impact recreational opportunities.  

Noxious weeds have been documented on every one of our client’s properties. Each property must be treated differently due to environmental factors and species of weeds present.  On large properties, such as one of our clients in the Ruby Valley, many weed species are present across varying terrain and plant communities.  For the past 23 years we have planned and implemented a highly effective weed management program to treat noxious species without impacting agricultural, riparian and wildlife resources.  This program has used a comprehensive approach including chemical, mechanical and biological control methods, implemented by RRI staff and independent contractors.

white sulphur ground squirrel control

The Richardson’s ground squirrel is the most prominent ground squirrel in Montana. Control is often necessary when they become overpopulated and cause damage to agricultural resources. 

Squirrels were exceptionally problematic on a client’s property outside of White Sulphur Springs, MT. The population had exploded, infesting an irrigated pivot field and surrounding areas. They reduced the potential hay production on this field and were digging into a dam holding back a large reservoir. For several years Ranch Resources has implemented a control program to reduce the number of ground squirrels.  This program, which includes the use of pesticides and other mechanical means of removal, has been highly successful.



Bridger Mountain bio control

Leafy spurge has infested vast areas of rangeland and pasture throughout Montana and surrounding states. If left unchecked, spurge can eventually form large monocultures, displacing native plant communities, impacting forage resources and degrading wildlife habitat.

On our client’s property outside of Bozeman, MT, leafy spurge is present across much of the landscape. Past land management practices created a perfect environment for spurge to establish and the lack of weed control allowed it to quickly spread. Ranch Resources planned and implemented a multi-year approach to assist the landowner with control and mitigation of this noxious weed. The plan includes both chemical and biological control methods that specifically target leafy spurge. With infestations in close proximity to surface water, coupled with steep terrain, bio control agents were determined to be the most suitable tool.