Small Property Management


Gallatin valley vacation rental management

In Montana’s Gallatin Valley, the recreational economy is booming. For one client, Ranch Resources oversees a smaller property with two vacation rentals. To ensure that any issues can be dealt with immediately, our onsite and local staff are made available at a moments notice. From fixing plumbing issues, to taking care of landscaping and handling after hours guest calls, Ranch Resources makes sure that the operation runs smoothly, the guests have a great experience, and that the landowner is not burdened. To maximize revenue, we partnered with the best local vacation home rental agency that oversees marketing, scheduling and cleaning of the homes.

Bridger canyon horse pasture renovation

Horse pasture management can be very difficult for a variety of reasons.  Confining large animals to small areas can inevitably lead to negative impacts on soil, water and forage resources.

One of our clients outside of Bozeman, MT has a small ranch with a 5-acre horse pasture. Repeated overgrazing has allowed noxious and nuisance weeds to invade portions of the pasture. The most problematic invader is bulbous bluegrass. Being a grass, this species is extremely hard to control. Ranch Resources is currently working with the client to completely renovate the pasture, replacing weeds with desirable pasture grasses. The project has involved chemical control and seeding. Follow-up seedings and monitoring will be conducted by Ranch Resources in subsequent years to ensure the bluegrass infestation has been fully eradicated.



ALder montana irrigation upgrade and field improvements

For some property owners, it can be difficult to know who to contact for assistance with small acreage agricultural projects. Often times if you don’t have an existing relationship with a neighbor, or know who the producers are in your area, it can be tough to know where to start.

For one property owner in Alder, we were able to arrange the resources necessary to convert a twelve acre dryland field into a thriving irrigated hay stand. Ranch Resources sourced local labor to spray and convert the field as well as work with an irrigation company to design and set up a wheel line irrigation system. After the pieces were in place, we then introduced the landowner to a local rancher who contracts to put up the hay.