Ranch Technology


Ruby Mountains Remote camera network

For many landowners who do not live on their properties year round, it is unfortunate that they are only able to visit their ranch a few times a year. One absentee landowner in the Ruby Valley was interested in being able to interact and stay connected to his property while not onsite. To accomplish this Ranch Resources first designed and installed a ranch-wide wireless network. We then developed three solar powered video camera systems to stream live feed video to the owner anywhere in the world. Two of the three cameras are full user controlled, pan tilt zoom cameras, and one is a submersible underwater unit. Two of them are mounted on trailers; thus allowing for a live video stream from anywhere on the ranch.

In addition to the live web cameras, we also installed a series of wireless remote trail cameras that send images to the ranch network immediately upon being triggered. These images are then uploaded from the network server to the private ranch website where the owner and his friends can view them at their leisure. These cameras accomplish both wildlife viewing and serve as security to monitor remote sections of the ranch. The network spans over ten miles and links between two mountain ranges.

Madison Valley remote live feed video

Many of our clients live in other parts of the country and spend much of their time travelling.  This makes it difficult to stay engaged in ongoing projects. Fortunately, modern technology now allows for a wide array of remote camera and internet applications on ranch properties.

 A client in the Madison Valley recently completed a large wildlife habitat improvement project on their ranch and is now in the process of building a new residence.  They have busy schedules and want to be able to see these projects progress over time, even in their absence.   Therefore, Ranch Resources installed a live camera system, which streams to a new ranch website, allowing our client to see the project sites whenever they want.  The cameras also allow them to watch the changing seasons and catch occasional glimpse of wildlife from wherever in the world they might be.



Upper Ruby ranch-wide wifi

Today’s fast-paced business environment often requires constant communication and access to information.  Historically this has been very difficult on remote ranch properties and can prevent landowners from spending as much time on their land as they would like.  However, wireless technology has created all kinds of possibilities for phone and internet connections, wherever you may be.

 In order to keep our client in communication from the remote Ruby Valley, we worked with a specialized technology contractor to install a ranch-wide wireless internet system.  This network provides phone and data access throughout a large portion of the property, so whether they are fishing, hunting or out riding the ATV, they can always remain in contact with the outside world.