Consulting Projects


Missouri River resource assessment and alternatives ANALYSIS

Many new landowners do not have a background in natural resource management or livestock production.  Often, they are unsure of how to proceed with their property in order to meet their specific land management objectives while remaining financially viable.

Ranch Resources is well-suited to assist in these situations. Our staff has a diverse background that allow us to view projects from many angles. For one of our clients on the Missouri River, we recently completed an evaluation of ranch finances and a concurrent assessment of forage, wildlife and human resources on the property.  Our report provided comprehensive management recommendations to meet the client’s objectives, complete with an analysis of alternative livestock production models that could improve natural resource conditions or the financial bottom line.

musselshell Ranch viability evaluation

Estate planning is rarely an easy endeavor.  It can be particularly difficult for ranch families that are trying to equitably distribute assets to their heirs while keeping ranch operations viable.

Ranch Resources was recently hired by a family to assist with the division of their property in the Musselshell Valley.  This client needed to know if the property could remain financially viable as two separate agricultural operations.  Our staff completed an assessment of all available natural resource data and then analyzed several management scenarios for this land in an effort to assist the family with this process.  



Central Oregon ranch quest

Searching for the right property can be a daunting task, especially for some aspiring landowners who don’t have a background in natural resources and agriculture. To assist one future ranch owner in Oregon, Ranch Resources was contracted to assess potential properties for wildlife values, agricultural potential, and recreational opportunities. We evaluated a long list of properties, utilizing all available data sources including: soil survey, aerial imagery, hunting and fishing regulations and water right and easement documents among others. After narrowing down the search, we spent time on the ground, to validate our remote assessment. Our involvement played a critical role in weeding out properties that had major issues or that did not have the key components to provide the recreational opportunities the client desired.